10 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Textbooks

10 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Textbooks

Love ’em or loathe ’em, textbooks are an unavoidable part of student life.

What should you do with the books you’ve amassed over the years? Unless you’re going to grad school, you probably want to get rid of them– and all of their unsightly highlighting– stat.

Of course, you could resell them. But for the creatively inclined, it’s much more fun to recycle your books and turn them into something you can use again.

Here are ten budget-friendly ways to give your textbooks a second life.

1) Build some furniture

The folks over at House & Garden have created a lovely end table out of old books. All you’ll need is a stack of sturdy books and a belt to fasten them together.

2) Create a hand-made journal

Where better to record your thoughts about the post-grad life than a book made out of recycled textbooks? Take a hardcover book, add some craft paper and voila!– you’ve got a new journal to write in. Dollar Store Crafts has the full tutorial.

3) Make something funky for your walls

We all know how dreary walls can be, especially if they’re painted boring old white. Book pages can actually make attractive wall decals. A Well Dressed Home has ideas on how to decorate a whole wall with old pages. Of if you’re squeamish about covering your entire wall with paper, you can try a lower-maintenance book page pendant banner.

4) Hide something special

Mementos have a special place in this super cute keepsake box made from an old book. Head on over to Instructables to see how it’s done. Mossymossy has another version of this project that doesn’t require a band saw.

5) Light up your room

Let there be light! Textbooks form the base of this gorgeous DYI lamp from HGTV. This project requires a bit more elbow grease but the finished product definitely looks worth it.

6) Create unique stationary

Older textbooks (especially ones without glossy paper) have a vintage feel that’s perfect for making envelopes and postcards. Creative Green Living shows you how to make envelopes out of magazine pages, but you could easily do this with textbook pages as well.

7) Keep track of the time

Forget using a watch or cellphone. This funky clock made out of a recycled book (it’s a children’s book in the tutorial, but you could use anything, really) is an easy DIY project you could do in one afternoon.

8) Make a unique pair of shoes

These shoes from Pinterest are certainly unforgettable. All you’ll need to recreate the look is a pair of old shoes, Elmer’s glue, a paintbrush, and some book pages you can cut into strips.

9) Set the mood with candlelight

Book pages add a vintage touch to tea lights in this simple tutorial from Morning Creativity.

10) Increase your storage space

Old books actually make great shelves (for even more books!). Real Simple has full instructions on how to create beautiful yet practical shelves using books, brackets, and a drill.

Now over to you! Share your ideas for recycling old textbooks in the comments below.

Image Source: Pixabay


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