About Lost and Learned

Are you a recent college or university graduate?

Do you feel lost, confused, or just plain scared about your next steps after school?

if so, there's something on this blog for you

Hi there! My name is Taryn and I created Lost and Learned as a way to connect with other recent grads.Taryn profile picture

Like you, I finished university and couldn’t decide what I wanted to do next. I contemplated taking internships, applied for tons of jobs, and eventually considered going back to school.

In the end, that’s what I did. But after a Master’s degree and most of a Ph.D. later, I realized I still didn’t have a clear career path.

I had done years of education, but I honestly didn’t know where I saw myself in five years (you can read more about my decision to leave grad school here.)

It was only after I jumped into freelance writing that I began to get a sense of where I was going. I completed a certificate in Technical Writing, taught myself the basics of SEO, and started picking up writing contracts.

In the midst of this, Lost and Learned was born. Slowly yet surely, I began to put my experience as a student into words. I realized that if I felt lost after graduation, then others must too.

I hope you can find something on this blog that speaks to you, helps you take the first difficult steps after university, or maybe even inspires you to choose a new career path altogether.

Let’s get lost in the real world together!
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